ICE FX Reviews

A broker that operates purely using the A-book model (No Dealing Desk) and provides proof of sending trades to liquidity providers, as well as showing the Company's own funds. ICE FX, in addition to trading conditions, offers a wide range of investment opportunities: high quality account ratings, profitable portfolio products, investor's risk limitation.

ICE FX - a broker who really offers a profitable transparent investing and fair trading conditions. No interest in the losses of its clients and functionality that is unparalleled at the moment.

It's obvious to me that the company is serious, it's thorough and unhurried. Clearly the team are not in a hurry to make a quick buck. Everything I see from the outside (and some from the inside as well) inspires confidence in me personally. I always know when I smell something fishy. I believe in ICE FX.

Dmitry RannevDirector of AMTS Solutions

In 2016 I got an offer to work with them without investing my own funds. All of the profit from the Manager’s Capital provided by the company goes to the manager, which I did not expect, I was used to receiving % of profit when working with others. With time the company gradually increased this Manager’s Capital. Profit withdrawal - at the end of the quarter. No problems so far. I am very happy that I trade only on a x1 account, all the other trades are copied. That way I don't have to set up several trading terminals.

Warlock279Experienced trader, Lucky Pound account manager

ICE FX - the only platform with professionally selected PAMM managers.

AsmodeuxAn experienced trader who manages the Asmodeux accounts

Offshore forex broker with professionally selected managers, phenomenal (compared to other offshore competitors) transparency, broker-side sophisticated risk management, multipliers and ready-made investment products.

VasilyThe owner of, an experienced trader and manager

ICE FX offers investors and professional traders financial investment opportunities that would not be obtained through conventional brokerage models. ICE FX provides 100% transparency, investment options and competitive pricing for all clients, which is indicative of how ICE FX is paving the way for innovation within the industry. Dedication, innovation and transparency are all ensured when you sign up with ICE FX.