Trading with ICE Markets

A total of 4 asset classes, consisting of 94 trading instruments, are available.
CFD Commodities
Crypto Currency

Investments with ICE Markets

Apart from trading opportunities, ICE Markets offers a functional investment platform for investing in accounts managed by seasoned traders.


Professional managers
Name Age Funds х1 х3 х5 Equity
+11.56 % +11.56 % +11.56 % Invest

Our values

Investor statistics

Unlike most investment brokers, ICE Markets does not hide investor profit margins. The investor can see his real result, which he could get by investing in a specific account.

Transparency in the trading activities of top managers

All the top managers at ICE Markets must meet with transparency standards in their activities. This means giving the investor a public password to monitor trading activities and connect the account to a third-party monitoring system.

Why Choose Us?

Performance fee 8—12%

Professional risk management

Limiting trader's loss

A risk management functionality can be activated on a trading account. This consists of 5 loss limits.
Risk management for trading accounts

Loss limits for
Managed Account

Investor's capital is protected by a mandatory risk management system.
Risk management for managed accounts

Additional limits of investor loss

An investor has more opportunities to limit risk by setting additional loss limits.

Schematic representation of the risk management system from ICE Markets

lim(max(DD)) (20%)
Max DD limitation
lim(Loss(W)) (10%)
Weekly loss limit
LW (Low watermark) ($800)
Limitation of min balance onthe account

Demonstration of execution of trades

Due to this unique feature, ICE Markets can show each trader execution of the trader's trades at external counterparties online. We do not only approve, but also confirm the transparency of our activities and the honesty inherent in our relationship with our customers.
Confirmation of withdrawal of open and closed trading positions
No excuses when it comes to confidentiality in working with liquidity providers.
All transactions are demonstrated to all traders without exception.