100% A-book

ICE Markets works exclusively under the A book model, which means that ALL trades are executed at external counterparties (liquidity providers). This eliminates any possible conflict of interest between the customer and the broker.
ICE Markets earns solely on commission payouts and does not appropriate customer's losses to itself.
ICE Markets does not tighten trading conditions for profitable traders.
ICE Markets does not cancel profitable transactions.

Trading instruments

A total of 75 instruments are available for trading
CFD Commodities
Crypto Currency
Ask Bid Spread

Type of the accounts


Account for a complete trading activity. Customers are provided with the best prices from liquidity providers through the Soft-FX aggregator. The client can check the execution of each transaction with the external counterparty.


With the help of STP-MA (Managed Account), a trader can attract investments for his trading system and earn a performance fee from investors' profits. The fee is set by the trader in the MA offer.


Simulates the performance of STP-account without the need to deposit real funds. The account is recommended for novice traders to get acquainted with the trading terminal and the features of its functioning.

Demonstration of execution of trades

Due to this unique feature, ICE Markets can show each trader execution of the trader's trades at external counterparties online. We do not only approve, but also confirm the transparency of our activities and the honesty inherent in our relationship with our customers.
Confirmation of withdrawal of open and closed trading positions
No excuses when it comes to confidentiality in working with liquidity providers.
All transactions are demonstrated to all traders without exception.

Risk management

  • Our sophisticated and useful risk management system protects the trader’s capital from unexpected losses.
  • There are 5 different types of loss limits that can be configured independent of each other.
  • An additional feature of the system is the regulation of deposit/withdrawal of funds to/from the trading account.
  • Risk management for trading accounts
lim(max(DD)) (20%)
Max DD limitation
lim(Loss(W)) (10%)
Weekly loss limit
LW (Low watermark) ($800)
Limitation of min balance onthe account


  • Use a reliable virtual server for the smooth operation of trading algorithms.
  • Privileged customers receive VPS for free.
  • View VPS options

To start trading, you need to register and deposit funds in your account.