Full compensation of commissions

ICE Markets fully refunds deposit commission fees to all clients!

Highlights of the promotion:

  • There are no minimum deposit amount requirements for the promotion.
  • There are no restrictions on deposit methods.
  • There are no time limits (the promotion is indefinite).
  • There are no limits on the number of deposits.

How does it work?

Each payment system has its own commission fees for deposits. When depositing funds into an ICE Markets account, the client pays the payment system's commission fees and receives 2 payments to their account:
  • the deposit amount after the deduction of the payment system commission fees;
  • the payment system's commission fees in the form of a bonus.
Client made a depositPayment system charges $50 commision fee$ 1 000$ 950$ 50ICE Markets returns the payment system’s commision fee back to the client$ 1000personal account Client made a deposit$ 1 000$ 950$ 1000personal account$ 50Payment system charges $50 commision feeICE Markets returns the payment system’s commision fee back to the client


A client makes a deposit of $1,000, the fee of the payment system is $50. The client will receive two payments to his account at the same time: $950 (personal funds) and $50 (bonus funds).

The bonus does not impose any restrictions on trading or investment activities and can be used for any purpose within the Company. However, the option to withdraw the bonus funds will become available only after the funds are converted into real personal funds of the client.