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100% A-book

ICE Markets operates under a 100% A-book model, hedging all client positions with external counterparties. Any client can request for online demonstration of the orders executed by them with counterparties in the company's back office.

ICE Markets does not only declare but also confirm to any client that it operates under an A-book model

ICE Markets demonstrates its back office with counterparties at the client's request. In it, the client can see all the hedging data.

The client can view the hedge of any position, including the position of a third-party manager whose orders numbers in MT 4 platform are known to the client.

Back office is similar to the ICE Markets personal account. It is hosted on the counterparty's domain. ICE Markets cannot falsify any information contained in it.

To view a hedge of any positions, you only need to contact the Technical Support Service.


Investment transparency

We are well aware that online investment is fraught with concealment and distortion of information about investment products. That is why we do our best to make the ICE Markets investment system as transparent and open as possible.

Equity online

The equity value of any managed account changes online only. Therefore, managers will not be able to conceal any aspect of their trading activities and money management methods.

Investor statistics

The statistical parameters of the investor (owner) of a managed account are displayed along with the general statistical parameters of this account. The profitability of a managed account is always higher than that of an investor account. In some cases, a managed account could record a positive return, while an investor account at the same time records a negative return.

Demonstration of execution on enternal counterparty

In the back office, you can view the trades of any manager whose orders numbers in MT 4 platform are known to you.

All A-rated portfolio managers have an open trading history in the account statistics, and their orders numbers in MT 4 platform are displayed

Disclosure of information about counterparties

One of the most important aspects of ICE Markets's operation is that it hedges client's positions with external counterparties. We do not hide the counterparties with whom we cooperate, and we are always ready to confirm to any client the fact of hedging its position with an external counterparty.

Transparency of trading conditions

ICE Markets clients are always provided with real data on trading conditions thanks to the TradeBox functionality. We do not hide from you the real values of spreads, we do not hide such behind the wording: "spread from 0 points", "spread: floating", etc. You can always see the average, minimum and maximum spreads for any instrument for a given period of time on STP accounts.

Transparency in relations with partners

ICE Markets builds the most transparent relationship with its partners. The criteria for obtaining a reward and the reward amount itself are regulated as clearly as possible. Data in the partner section of the personal account display as much information as possible that are required to calculate the compensation amount and evaluate the effectiveness of one's partner activity.

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